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Bob Coulter is the man behind Crazy Babe. I've seen this site advertised elsewhere, bet never really knew what it was all about. Actually having visited now, I am still not entirely sure, as Bob himself doesn't seem to go into too much detail about what he is doing here on this site. What we have here is basically a collection of real cute girls, shot in not so typical settings. What I mean by not so typical is, they have not been shot in studios, neither in Bob’s house, like so many photographers work. These girls have been taken to public rest rooms, or outdoors by graffiti covered walls, where they pose in a provocative but tasteful manner and Bobs been there with his camera. Now, I have to say I kinda like it. Its different. The girls are attractive enough to get away with it, and the unusual backdrops only add to the effect.

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As a member of you get thousands and thousands of photographs shot exclusively for You won't see these pictures anywhere but on this site! Every picture on Crazy Babe is a high quality / high resolution photo sized at 1000 pixels - they fill your screen! is updated with a new "Crazy Babe" 4 times per month. Each new update includes 300 - 1000 pics that have never been seen before - anywhere.

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Glamour models gone bad

She's really crazy glamour babes!

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CrazyBabe is a FANTASTIC site. I've been reviewing p0rn for awhile now, and this site breaks all boundaries. The page itself is more an artform than a webpage, and the women are breathtakingly gorgeous. The site itself is in the form of a monthly e-Zine, and each month, a different girl is featured in a different 'crazy' motif. Some of the girls have their own webpages, some of them are first-timers, some are professional models. One thing is common, they're hotties. The photography on the site is fresh, they use different lighting and different angles to get away from the 'typical' p0rn shoot [Ed: Hotel Room, Hookers and Blow anyone?] and the way they present the galleries is something new, it definitely deserves a look. Did I say the girls were hot?

It's a nice site with killer design features. Very easy to navigate. This guy hit the nail right on the head. This is a picture only site, so don’t sign up expecting moving images (apart from a small section of animated gifs expertly created by Bob himself!) The main index page which members are greeted with includes a full model directory, featuring models name and the date they were added. Members are getting four glamour models a month. Bob Coulter has a unique style, its not just the settings in which the girls are photographed, it also the angle’s of the shots, the poses the girls are in. Its completely different to anything I have seen before and for me anyway it works. There are some very stunning girls here. Many I have not seen anywhere before, which is also refreshing to see. You can see how Bobs style has changed. His early work from early 2000 was quite glam, however as time has gone by he has developed a unique style, a move to presenting models in a way which is both sexy, and naughty. Almost, dirty, these girls could be back street hookers, albeit very cute ones, and I think it is that lack of pretence which makes Bob’s work shine.

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